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Speaking Engagements

Engaging. Professional. Informative.

That’s what you’ll get when you have Bianca speak at your association or business group. Whether its real talk about how to get any business ready for a sale, or how to spot businesses with the most potential, Bianca is a sought-after speaker that delivers a clear message presented in a professional manner and without any sales pitches. In most cases, no speaking fees are required.

Have confidence that your members will leave empowered, enlightened and thankful that they attended such a value packed meeting.

Bianca's Most Requested Keynotes

Maximizing Your Value, The Best Time to Sell (or buy) Your Business

Timing is everything, but only some of it you can control.
Duration: Customizable 20-40 minutes
PowerPoint slides available


  • How sloppy bookkeeping can cost you thousands
  • Avoiding the mistakes of the past
  • How your business should complement your “Life plan”
  • Details you haven’t thought about

Your Business: Love it or List it?

Know when to double down, invest and sink all your energy into your business, or…move on
Duration: 20-30 minutes
PowerPoint slides available


  • Spotting the value drivers in your life
  • Options that increase the fun and minimize the pain
  • Evaluating the environment
  • Understanding timing

Preparing for Your (selling your business) Superbowl Moment

A football themed presentation that draws comparisons between winning sports teams and businesses.
Duration: 20-30 minutes
PowerPoint slides available


  • Starting in the pre-season
  • Drafting the right players
  • Expecting and visualizing the trophy
  • Staying focused among exciting distractions

Market Update: What business sale activity can tell us about the next 12 months

A data-driven look in the rear-view mirror that provides insights to the future.
Duration: Customizable to 15-35 minutes
PowerPoint slides available


  • Historical overviews
  • Metrics to watch
  • Understanding value drivers
  • Timing the sale or purchase of a business

Why Bianca?

She’s a Pro

  • For more than 12 years she has honed her craft and built a reputation as a thought leader and industry expert in her field. You don’t have to worry about Bianca not being prepared. Its not in her DNA.

She’s Credible

  • She has been recognized for being in the top 3% of brokers that have the most completed deals. Her team at Transworld sells one in every 4 businesses in the state. Simply put, she knows her stuff.

She’s knowledgeable

  • As a student of the industry, she is a lifelong learner. By continually studying trends and analyzing data, she challenges herself to get smarter every day. She fights against gaps of knowledge.

Hear what clients and groups have had to say:

  • “I like how Bianca presents information. I like her data driven approach.”  John T.
  • “I’m sure glad I attended the luncheon. She caused me to pump the brakes on a poor decision I was about to make.”  Daniel K.
  • “In one word? Credible. Nobody knows this North Florida business market better than Bianca.” – Pat M.

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